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Walem mobile app

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Walem is an on-demand meal delivery app built for the Saudi market. The client had a fresh take on this typical service and relied on CreativePath to define the optimal user flow and interface for it, improving upon an MVP that was 95% complete and was not suiting the client's needs.

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Client needs

The app should ‘close the gaps’ in the ordering / delivery process, not merely copy what the competition does, but ideally streamline steps in the entire process. It must utilize a ‘new approach’ that does not replicate work previously done on an earlier product that the client attempted to launch, but failed through poor development practices. The app should provide a competitive advantage through personalization of services & ‘memory’ or ‘recommendations’ of meals that the consumer would appreciate.

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Services provided

UX Analysis

  • Review unique business goals

  • Assess key market competition.

  • Identify & refine key user personas. 

  • Review user feedback.

  • Review both the public and member facing elements of the system.

Information architecture

  • Evaluate and re-engineer the overall navigation structure for the system, condensing layers and removing additional steps.


  • 35 High definition screens were created in Sketch.

  • Complete user flows captured from initial onboarding through ordering and checkout.

  • Fully annotated to support the development team.

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Process & deliverables

UX analysis / Wireframes / UI design

Wireframe UX Analysis Walem app.001.jpeg
Wireframe UX Analysis Walem app.020.jpeg
Wireframe UX Analysis Walem app.027.jpeg
Wireframe UX Analysis Walem app.014.jpeg
Wireframes for Walem app FINAL.013.jpeg
Wireframes for Walem app FINAL.018.jpeg
Wireframes for Walem app FINAL.025.jpeg
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Project outcome

A thorough assessment of the current marketplace and audit of features within the existing MVP, identifying weaknesses, gaps, and improvements to the user workflow.

Innovative features that the client had not considered in their feature list, such as the ability to highlight food allergies and maintain a ‘safe list’ of food items in the user preferences.

Speed to a second MVP through the creation of high-definition wireframes allowed us to quickly validate decisions via Invision clickable prototypes.

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