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Key reasons why clients hire us

The value that CreativePath brings to every project.

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Objective & unbiased insights

Clients have hired us because they valued an independent, expert-driven design resource, who takes time to understand business goals in order to be tailored to your unique needs.

Pragmatic & creative designs

One of our strengths is finding alternative design solutions to a client's key pain points. We value function over form, solving the problems of the user, first.

Honest & supportive client relations

You want a trusted resource, that's able to stand on their own and not rely on constant supervision. We make decisions in your best interests & will work with you until the design meets your needs.

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The CreativePath process

Or, the typical way we approach a project.


Do you hate questions? If so, working with us might not be the best idea. We ask tons of questions. Why? Because we can't truly help you unless we understand the complete scope of the project.


This is the fun part, because we dive in deep to understand not only your product and unique business goals, but who else is in the marketplace and defining the success factors for the project. More questions too...


This is the primary 'do it' phase of the project where we turn your project vision into a more tangible reality. From sketches, to wireframes, to UI designs, then a final MVP prototype. You see the design come alive.


We present the findings or resulting designs to you the client, then we step back. You're giving time to absorb the creation and assess how it meets your needs, If revisions are required, they happen here.

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What YOU will need to bring

We offer expertise in UX Strategy, Process Modeling, User Research, and UI design and if you want to get the most out of an engagement, you’ll need to be prepared to give us:


In order to understand your business, market, users, and your product’s competition.


How are things performing? Where are users confused? What are the issues? Who is the competition?

A champion

So your organization adopts what we've discovered and recommend about your product.

Thoughtful feedback

We must ensure our decisions sync with your business situation, in a constructive manner.


Access to key stakeholders, meeting dates, timely feedback, and approvals when needed.

Without these, it's much harder to deliver successful results for our clients.

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Hi. I'm Geoff, the founder of CreativePath. For over 25 years I've worked hard to help people across consumer, healthcare, financial, and military industries realize the best possible interface between their products & the end user. When I'm not doing that, I'm judging KCBS Barbecue contests whenever they'll let me in the tent.

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