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Great software doesn't need to be complex.

Overly complicated or poorly executed products will cost your company time & money. Through great design we make sure that doesn't happen.

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What we offer

Design consulting services, affordably priced by the hour or project basis.

Analysis & strategy

All software has room for improvement...there are no exceptions. A UX analysis will provide a thorough and unbiased review of your site or app and a clear pathway to success.

UX design

1 picture = 1000 lines of code. 
Before your team writes a single one, make sure they are on the right track with a set of the most intuitive & concisely designed screens possible.

UX writing

Everything from the smallest button to the most glaring error message has an impact on a product’s user experience. We ensure that bad copy doesn’t let your product or brand down.


An interactive MVP prototype can be a truly cost-effective means to fully test your product concept and work out the kinks before your actual development cycle starts.

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"Complexity loses games, simplicity wins them."

Vince Lombardi

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Our clients say we do great work

Real testimonials, from real people, using stock photos because we value their privacy!

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Middle Aged Woman

“CreativePath was excellent to work with and provided an objective, comprehensive and detailed report with a clear actionable list for improvement.  Really impressed.”

Jana R.



Hi. I'm Geoff, the founder of CreativePath. For over 25 years I've worked hard to help people across consumer, healthcare, financial, and military industries realize the best possible interface between their products & the end user. When I'm not doing that, I'm judging KCBS Barbecue contests whenever they'll let me in the tent.

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