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Health 360

Medical records management tool

H360 is a secure platform for viewing & managing important healthcare records and information, free to all members of CARP.

CreativePath was asked to conduct a thorough Usability review of this online tool in order to better inform the client's decisions to either roll the platform out for widespread use or keep in limited release to mature the features further.

H360: Past Clients

Client needs

As the existing site was performing poorly, the client requested us to "go into this blindly, having not been extensively exposed to the brand." This website is meant to be a source of acquisitions of new members for CARP and they wanted the experience to be exactly as it is for you, with "honest and forthright assessments."

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Services provided

UX Analysis

  • Review unique business goals

  • Assess key market competition.

  • Identify & refine key user personas. 

  • Review user feedback.

  • Review both the public and member facing elements of the system.

Process engineering

  • Review all primary user process flows and identify any bottlenecks.

  • Implement process improvements across all key user personas to ensure business goals and objectives are being met.

Information architecture

  • Evaluate and re-engineer the overall navigation structure for the system, condensing layers and removing additional steps.

H360: Services

Project outcome

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